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Increase Your Chances of Having a Good Day

by Em

How do you start your morning?

Some research conducted in 2015 showed that watching just 3 minutes of negative news in the morning made viewers 27% more likely to report having a bad day 6 to 8 hours later. But people who watched transformative stories reported having a good day 88% of the time.

Someone shared this little tidbit in a social media post a few months ago, and I decided to run my own little personal test. Each morning I open a folder full of news sites on my computer browser and hit “open all tabs” so I can quickly check them all and stay up to date.

A photo of a person looking at a news website

But after reading about that research, I created a different folder full of websites and social media accounts and groups that focus on things I enjoy like birdwatching, photography, reading, gardening and travel.

I definitely noticed a difference in my demeanor when I perused the positive information first thing in the morning, so I’ve made it a habit. The good/fun information boosts my creativity and inspires me and it’s a much better way to start the day. Sometimes I skip the news altogether.

A photo of a woman on a balcony stretching out her arms wide

Do you start your day by catching up on the news? Consider spending a few minutes focusing on something happy instead and you may just find you’ll have a better day!

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